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ILC ofrece programas de inglés para diferentes niveles, intensidades y edades.

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ILC Chachapoyas offers the best opportunities to learn Spanish in immersion in the Andean region, far away from the beaten tourist path.

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You can teach English or your native language to our Peruvian students at ILC or in smaller communities around (based on demand).

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Marco Grover, Canada

On the first day I got to Chachapoyas, I didnt think I was going to take spanish clases. However, after a short walk through the city I stumbled upon the ILC, and went in for a quick look. After a good talk with Angel, the owner, who showed me the school and offered me different flexible options for my courses, I joined in. He even hooked me up with a room for a decent price. I agreed upon a week of 15 hours, 3 hours a day. My teacher, Sara, was really helpful and I think I learned more in this week than during my two years in high school.
However, what made it such a great experience is the staff. At night, we would go out for drinks and speak in Spanish, which would also be a good part of my learning. Angel, Miguel and Martin were very welcoming and I thank them for that.
Muchas Gracias por todo.


Andrea Scasnarova, Slovakia

I really enjoyed Miguel´s Spanish classes. They were interactive, interesting, fun and practical for everyday use here in Chachapoyas. Miguel is an open minded teacher with a multicultural approach and understanding.


Daniel Matthews, England

Chachapoyas itself is a largely undiscovered gem. Chachapoyas is a place where you can visit the third highest waterfall in the world, go trekking on horse to remote lakes and ruins or just hang out in town drinking tasty local liquors. Currently, without an active airport, it is definitely a place waiting to be discovered by tourists on a larger scale, so it has been great to see it before it does!

Overall, I have been enjoying my time here very much. I have found Chachapoyas to be a friendly, safe town where you can spend your free time seeing some incredible places. A great experience.